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How many Dragoncallers does it take to screw in a light bulb.

Nothing is easy.

All I had to do was change a light bulb. A semi-normal one, compact fluorescent to be exact. It's in the basement laundry room. I had put a light socket there when the huge, 80watt fluorescent died. Not having the right bulb replacement I stuck a 40watt (17watt) bulb in there until we could get a brighter one. It's the laundry room. Try to match socks in dim light and you know what the problem is.

So, Kagetsunami picks out this Goliath 150watt bulb (32watt) compact fluorescent and yeah, it doesn't fit in the socket. So, I root around the cellar and find a nice ceramic replacement socket. I get the chair, turn off the circuit breaker and pull down the old socket, saving the screws and wire up the new socket.

But because the new socket is ceramic, the screws and now too short.


Back off the chair and root around for some screws. After a little trial, I find two suitable ones, except one has a spiral shank hanging off the end like a raptor claw from a bad machining so I have to take it to the grinding wheel and grind that flat.

Back on the chair, wire up the socket and the thread of the screws don't fit. Like a care at this point. It's a plastic housing so I make it fit.

I get off the chair, hit the breaker and tada! There is light.

Now I'm thinking it's too bright.

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