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Fail, Failing, Failed

Donald Trump demands to see President Obama's birth certificate. Seriously, don't we have other things to discuss than something that's been hashed to death already? Tornadoes in the mid west, Libya, Syria? Taxes? Edjakashun? Harping on this bit of silliness isn't going to make you a serious candidate for dog catcher, let alone president.

President Obama coughs up a birth certificate. What? Really? Isn't your third grade report card more important? I demand you show that. And your learner's permit when you were 16. And I demand to see what video's you rented in 1978. Don't you have better things to do than Kowtow to the Republican Joke Candidate?

Anyone who asks to see Obama's birth certificate is a racist. I recall back in the election, so long, long ago, that McCain was given a ration of shit because he was born in Panama. Yes, Panama, the country. But that was back when we had an American Imperial Empire and Panama, selected parts, was U.S. territory. He got a ration of shit for it non-the-less. Questioning McCain wasn't racist, but questioning Obama is.

The press pays any attention to the issue. The American press sucks. Yes, you, American Press, for throwing down the race card to cover up your own lazy incompetence, you suck. The World Press may suck too, but I don't know, not having read the world press this week. It still doesn't give you an excuse, American Press, for sucking. Here's a word I want you to look up in a real dictionary. Objective. As in Objective Reporting. Here's another word you may have never heard of. Bias. It is the root of the word, Un-bias, which you clearly have never heard of, or you think you know what it means, but you actually don't know what it means. It means you suck. The American Press should pay attention to something far more important, like, Ah Donno, gas prices and how that might kill the economic recovery like it did to Bush 43? Am I wrong? What's your call on it? It's hard to hear over your 24 hour coverage of Trump vs. Obama's birth certificate. What's next? Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen's Love Child? How's this for a story, The Tsunami in Japan's affect on the global market. Too complicated for you?

I don't mean to shock the crap out of everyone, but just because you disagree with, or have questions for, does not make you a racist automatically and throwing the label around willy nilly only waters down the meaning.

Ah, my back is out. Ahm in a miserable mood.
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