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Osama is dead.

I have a wanted poster. Three actually for the same guy. One in English, one in French and one in Arabic. The U.S. was going to pay 250 million dollars for information leading up to his capture.

The year was 1989.

Osama was a bad dude then. He had orchestrated the deaths of thousands and he was just getting started. His Al-quida squad was killing whole neighborhoods. Women dragged into the street and shot for looking at a man. Their noses cut off for arguing with their husbands.

And blowing stuff up.

The US Embassy, the US Kole, attacks on airlines, buses. M-80's in matchbox cars, no job too big or too small.

Hitler went out to create a final solution, as did Osama, yet we were not so afraid of Hitler as we were of Osama.

We were led to believe that if you rise against Osama, the terrorists would become a never ending zombie horde coming after us. We would really piss them off! Think the Twin Towers was bad, wait till you make them really mad!

When Hitler was killed, we began to realize the true horror of his plans. Now that Osama is dead, will we find out what was going on? Will we find graves that have been hidden all this time? The Weapons of Mass Destruction we thought Saddam had?

Or will it break up the Al-quida back into little terrorist cells with no ability to coordinate? The fact that he was in this specially made compound tells that he was still most relevant to Al-quida, still part of their structure.

I wanted Osama to be put on trial, for the truth to come out, but I think trails rarely work that way. It would give him a final point to rally people to his cause of murder.

The truth is it was all about power for himself. Like Hitler and so many others, Osama created a hate scheme that got people to gather together and to pray to a false blood demon wearing a Allah mask so that in the end, his followers would revere him. It would have been nice to see him in a small cell, getting his meals slipped in through a slot in the door for the rest of his life, but p'raps this is better. He's just gone.

There will still be terrorists. There will be retaliation. Both will ease back, break up, become disorganized to a point where we as a world will not tremble to their words.

Maybe now we can get on with peace.
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