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Dear, President Obama

Thank you for removing Osama bin Laden. He needed to go. Now, if you would, please hunt down and arrest the newest threat to society, Cyber Terrorists. I don't think we need Seal Team 6 for this yet, but it needs to be addressed. It is terrorism, using fear to get their way. While it is true, they have not killed anyone yet, they waste millions of our resources in these attacks, Live Journal and Sony being only the tip of the ice burg. And with advances in computer technology, it is only a matter of time before they will be able to hack hospitals and actually kill people. Imagine taking control of street lights or subway systems. As cars become driverless, how long before they send a school bus into a river?

Like Osama, we failed to deal with him seriously in the beginning and became a force of global terror that will be felt for generations. I predict that cyber terrorists, unless dealt with seriously, will pose the greatest threat to 21st century modern society.

We run on technology. We must not delude ourselves that we don't. If you haven't, Mr. President, please read Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut.

These cyber terrorists are just getting started and their ability to infuse themselves like a virus into every bit of technology will put society at their feet. We will find ourselves wishing for another Osama villain to deal with than the rampant destruction that cyber terrorists can do to the world.

They need to be captured, tried and punished.

Thinking that is is our responsibility to protect ourselves is inadequate. Thieves will only scale higher walls. We must be aggressive, not only defensive but offensive as well.

This needs to be done quickly and use whatever sources necessary to make it happen.


P.S. Feel free to deal with the Nigerian scam artists while your at it. Tell Nigeria that for every American dollar they scam, we'll cut two from the aid we provide. That money can go to protecting our citizens from these foul crimes which target our elderly. Since all Americans pay for these crimes, I conclude that the Nigerians should as well.
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