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Armor Work shop and Hottubbin and the Shire!

Saturday, May 14th, the Shire is hosting an Armor Workshop and Hot Tubbin event!.

Armor Workshop will begin at 1300hrs. Master Feral will be on hand making swords.

We have rattan for sale. There are power tools and a welder for your use and plenty of space to get stuff done. After, there is the hot tub currently at 103 degrees. Bring a bathing suit and towel. (If you Grok my speak you've got your towel. No Bugblatter Beast of Trall will get me!)

20 amp outlets! Implements of destruction!

Bring a couple bucks for Pizza!

Sunday is the Regional in Springfield! Be Ready for Battle!

The Shire is at
49 Mystic Rd,
North Stonington CT 06359.

Google maps knows where we are!
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