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Kipling, Aesop, Hemingway and Sherman

tiamatschild had a dream while I had a premonition.

This afternoon, I looked out across the yard and I saw Aesop the Fox prancing across. I called kagetsunami's attention and we got up and peered out the back sliding door. Kipling the Skunk and found a plastic tin filled with cool rain water and was having a sip. Aesop wanted some but Kipling bristled and flashed his big tail. Aesop retreated to the back of the yard. He sat there, preening himself while Kipling had his drink.

But Aesop was focused on something else, although he played of as if he was unconcerned, still preening. It was then Sherman the orange tabby walked across the back yard, he was looking towards the house ignoring or unaware that Aesop and Kipling were just yards away.

Aesop got that look in his eye and started moving across the yard, low on the prowl, his ears perked, his eyes glinting with malice. As he came closer to the hapless Sherman, Kagetsunami opened the back door and the noise sent both Aesop and Sherman running into the tree line. Kipling, seeing the others run, ducked under the palm of a fern. We watched him for some time before he made his way off into the woods.

The sun set and soon I heard the patter of rain on the deck. I turned on the back light to take a look outside and I saw Hemingway the Raccoon back there. He shuffled off the porch step and slipped under the deck. I turned off the light leaving him to his business.

I realize that isn't any story there, but it's what happened. I can make up something, it's what I do, but that wouldn't be what happened.

It is so rare to see a fox in our yard and I think it's been a year or two since we've had raccoons and skunks. What does it all mean?
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