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Further down the bug hole.

Research has revealed definitively that not only did Omar, of Han's Import and Domestic's of Wickford Rhode Island, install the coil incorrectly, but also the wrong coil entirely. This may explain all of the engine problems that I've encountered. He did not install an external resistor that's needed for the electric ignition to work right.

He also touted on that he replaced the wiring harness, and he very well might have, I can't tell without pulling the engine, but he didn't replace the wires that connect to the wiring harness. Now when you order a wiring harness, it comes in a kit. The kit has all the other wires the bug needs with it. It is possible to order just a wiring harness, but why not replace the remaining wires? They are all 35 years old. It isn't rocket surgery! They are cracked and the copper is exposed. This isn't good. So now I have to order a whole wiring harness kit to start replacing wires.


I guess this is good that I'm learning all this. I should thank Omar for his incompetence, for without it I would have never bothered to learn this stuff.
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