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Fox woods

My first time at the worlds largest casino. I live within walking distance but I've never made the trip. So we meet st_alex there at the slots. Never played slots either.

So we're waiting for her to finish playing and this lady goes by handing out booze. St alex explains that she give you booze if your playing slots. So I figure if I put two cents in I can get booze for two cents. Ahm thinking win win.

So, Kagetsunami gives me ten bucks and I put that into the machine. I don't know how it works so I push some buttons and hit enter while looking for the booze girl. The machine goes ape spit. Ahm thinking I broke it.

While it goes nuts I look for the booze girl. No where to be found. Ten minutes the machine is still broke, or stuck or whatever, banging out a bell like an alarm. When It's shuts up, I hit the cash out button from the machine and it gives me a ticket for 74 bucks.

I give Kagetsunami back her ten.

Never got free booze.


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