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MIce again!

This is my riding lawn mower without the hood.

Pulling the plastic housing off reveals a pick mouse nest.

Not content to move in, they also nibbled through some wires. Important wires. Now my law mower is in the shop.


So I looked up on the interwebs and someone suggested that mice like wire because they are covered in Soy. This is a stupid idea. Mostly because they also ate through the rubber gas line on Gen, my bug. Also in 1974 when Gen was new, I thinking they didn't make wire out of soy. Plus I think a lot of people would pay extra for a non-soy wire if mice didn't eat them. Boat owners, motor cycles, home owners would pay big buck to stop the incessant nibbling.

Truth is, the interwebs doesn't know and that disappoints me and makes me happy at the same time. Disappointed because I don't have an answer, happy because it takes the all mighty interwebs down a notch or three. I'm okay with that.

Moth balls has cut down on the damage. That and ultrasonics. But they aren't 100%. Cats can't get into the barn. When I leave the barn open for the cats, skunks instead move in and that always turns out bad. Also we have Fisher-Cats in this area. Fisher-cats are this wolverine creature that hunts and kills cats. I'm not making this up. They also don't like to eat the head so it will catch a cat, rip it's head off, and leave the head in your driveway. Yeah, Fisher-Cats are balls nasty. If you ever wonder why I never let my cats out of the house it's because I don't want their heads ripped off.

But they don't bother with mice. Why should they when they can hunt cats?

I did find a deceased mouse in Gen, right by a main batter line that it had chewed all the insulation off. He would have been grounded and the battery was fully charged so he might have gotten shocked to death. A car battery is only 12 volts. This is like a 9 volt battery but bigger and unless you put your tongue on it, you're not going to get shocked.

But wouldn't the mouse be uncomfortable chewing through it? Ah donno.

I think he did chew through the brake light wire so I have to hunt that down and splice it in. Bloody heck!

I ordered a new carburetor. They were on sale. That has nothing to do with mice, but I thought I'd mention it.
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