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The following Article was written by Crew 694 President, Caleb J.

Crew 694 EPIC Shooting Skill Weekend by Caleb J.

Recently, Venture Crew 694 hosted a skills weekend. The six crew members did and excellent job leading, guiding, and educating Boy Scout Troops 109 and 13 in various shooting sport disciplines.

There were five stations for the scouts to attend, divided into 45 minutes at each. The two troops were divided up into six groups of five or six scouts. There was fishing and relaxing at the lake, there was archery, .22 rifles, throwing knives and tomahawks, and a lunch consisting of burgers and hot dogs.

Despite having some small technical problems (targets exploding, chicken and cinnamon flavored mishaps ), the weekend went off without a hitch. A few scouts were able to make trips out on the small metal kayaks and dinghies out on the lake before sundown with no need for a daring rescue. A successful game of Frisbee was played on the lower skeet field with no concussions (that I know of).

So, if there are any lessons to be learned from Venture Crew 694's EPIC Shooting Skills Weekend, the are:

1. If your crew hasn't already done so, make sure to outlaw bleeding in your bylaws.

2. Make sure to bring vinyl gloves in your first aid kits in case your knife slips while you are removing the bones from a chicken.

3. If you don't have any bread crumbs to fry chicken in, you can use pancake batter, just remember to not use any water or cinnamon.

And now a word from dragoncaller
What made this weekend great was a Venture Crew filled with Spirit, Motivation, and positive energy. They instilled in everyone the great, fun and adventure of trying new skills, experiencing new things and the camaraderie of peers and friends.

On to the next adventure!

Live it! Don't dream it!
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