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The horror of time

History is ghastly. Accomplishments are measured in loss of life, in fear and terror. Men crushed or suffocated or blown up while making tunnels, foundations, and buttresses. How many have fallen to their death from the high steel scaffoldings of sky scrapers? What progress have we made that hasn't been colored with the red rich blood of the macabre?

Silent killers, loud killers, slow killers and if you're lucky, some instant death tossed in.

All for progress. Like a child on Christmas day forgets his old toys for the new. Good thing as the old toy had high levels of lead in it.

I had to power up the PC today to try and save my Magellan GPS. I wanted to update it and the stupid thing would let my Mac do it. That should have clued me in then and there, but I plunged ahead any way.

The PC was build in the 2000's and has plenty of power to do stuff and after it's painful boot up process functioned admirably. It felt rather steam punk with wheezes and whirrs and purrs and growls as it came to life.

First thing was it insisted I had unused icons on my desk top. I actually have no icons on my desk top. It's how I roll. But to get rid of it I had to click on it. It responded that I had no icons on my desk top. Yeah, I know. I don't blame the computer for being Microsoft. It just is.

I get everything synched and it only took an hour and a half to get it all set and it responded that my Magellan could not be undated.


90 minutes of my life, wasted. Thanks.

Progress. Bill Gates is killing us all slowly. The amount of deaths are from hypertension, stroke and heart failure are hard to attribute to Bill Gates directly, however PC users are 98% more likely to die of those things than Mac users. I'm just saying.

We think little of the men killed who laid tracks for the railroad, we just ride the rails.

And of course the millions killed as we bury ourselves in trash as we now throw away things that work only because they don't want to update them any more. We don't make parts for it. Or the best and most terrible thing is, we've discontinued that model. It's too expensive to fix it, it's cheaper to just buy a new one. Really? How does that work? How can spare parts cost more than the unit itself?

How would you like to hear that in your doctor's office? Your model has been discontinued. No more advancements in medicine for you. No replacement hip or knee.

No soup for you!

You should have upgraded when you had the chance. Crossed over, changed lanes, gone for the advanced model.

If they had done a better job building the thing in the first place, I wouldn't be in this predicament. We are updating and upgrading ourselves into oblivion.

How long before the human race is outdated and obsolete?
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