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Dear, Mice.

I know that all are welcome to the Shire, and that means you included, but seriously, you are quite rude. It cost over $300 dollars to fix my tractor. You also ruined a chair by boring holes in it, not to mention the wires of Gen you nibbled.

So I do not feel sorry at all for disturbing your nest when I was pulling down the moldy insulation from the rafters. I hope you noticed the care I took in catching one of you unharmed and safely transported to another part of the Shire where there is food water and shelter in abundance. I hope the rest of you follow.

I think you're taking advantage of Aesop's presence. Aesop is driving the cats away and so you're finding a haven in the barn. I really don't mind you there, just so long as you don't chew into my stuff.

You can come back as long as you behave. There'll be no wire nibbling, ripping apart upholstery, (what a word, upholstery. Shouldn't it be upulstree? Isn't uphulstrey pronounced, ufolstairy? Uh, I digress) or damaging stuff that doesn't belong to you.

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