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emt_hawk has a point.

I took a little on line quiz and it said that...

Due to a new discovery, that this is all SPAM, disregard.

Well, here's my sample anyway, you decide. Who do you think I write like.

High on the narrow, winding and poorly maintained road, where the mountains pinched themselves, Old Gourd Head Citadel, a massive fortress carved from the rock of the mountain itself with lines chiseled into its façade to look like brick work, stood proud watch. Built by Dwarves, back before building permits or environmental impact statements were needed, it was originally named Au’ Groureded F’trell which in Dwarven meant Fort on Hill of Heart Attacks, since many of the builders would make it to the top of the mountain, the long ass hill of no reprieve, have a heart attack and die. It had not been built for strategic reasons since at the time there wasn’t any threat of invasions coming over the mountain, but for marketing reasons; it simply made darn good sense to build a fort up there. It was a space begging for a fort. Six Halflings and a sling shot could hold off a hundred-man unit with mage complement in the pass, imagine how tough a fort would be? It would be stupid not to build a fort there.

I was of course hoping for Kurt, or at least Douglas Adams. But I do love Arthur. So, my learned friends, what do you think? In the end, your opinion is what matters.
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