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Rage, like waves sliding across the beach

The following is a sad, sad story. A tragedy, really. Like all tragedies, this one has a sad, horrible ending. P'raps you should skip this story. I won't mind.

The worst part about this story is that it is true.

Friday morning a man woke up and got ready for work. As he was about to leave he discovered that his nine month old Mastiff had defecated in his cage. Angry with the dog, he took him out side for a walk. He then came back, put the kennel out side and put the dog, the mastiff, in the small kennel. He noted the temperature at seven thirty am was 83 degrees.

No shade.

He decided not to put any food or water in the cage. "He'd only knock it over anyway." His words, not mine.

His plan was to be home noon time to take care of the dog.

While at work, the heat rose steadily. It was 90 degrees with 99% humidity by 9am. The radio was blearing heat warnings, the t.v. was announcing local cooling centers, and programs to check on the elderly and infirm.

I told you this was a sad story.

A woman in the park saw the cage and thought, who in his right mind would leave a dog in a cage in the sun like that? She went over along with a friend. A neighbor seeing them there went out as well. They were horrified at what they found. They call the housing authority. The housing authority called the man and the cops.

At this time the temperature was 96 degrees. The heat index and air quality made it 112. For you in Arizona, that ain't nothing, but for us New Englanders, that's too much.

The man came home.

The cops came. They arrested the man. One, because he broke the law and two, the neighbors were so horrified that they would have staked the man out in the sun if the cops didn't take the man away.

I was pissed. I said so. I said, "I am pissed. This pisses me off. I am leaving." I said this as calmly as ordering a raisin bagel. Truth was I was mad pissed. I was going to join the angry mob.

Later I saw the photos the police took of the man's home and I was not so pissed. I realized that justice was done. It would not be the courts, the police, the neighbors or me. It would be the tiny virus the took down the aliens in War of the World. Something right there, in the corner, unnoticed.

The cops will give him a bond, he'll get out of jail. He will go home.

And at some point he will have to clean up the Mastiff's toys. His Kong, his bone, his stuff, sitting in the corner waiting for a friend who will never come home. He will pick up the dog's toys and think about his stupid act of leaving his friend alone. The friend who looked up to him, trusted him.

Betrayed by him.

And then justice will be served.
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