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Boy Scouts Suck

I just came back from Venture Camp, JN Webster, Ashford CT.

The staff working there was top notch. They not only have a can do attitude, but a get it done attitude. They were simply awesome.

The guy who fired off the canon every morning? Bite me. I could understand if you set it off at a specific time, but your fluctuated an hour, give and take. Just because you live off of four hours of sleep every night does not mean I want to get up a couple hours early and twiddle my thumbs waiting for morning colors.

But what steams my buns is the after thought that National treats their Venture Scout program. Maybe if I paid less I would expect less, but since we pay the same amount as the Scouts, I expect the same level of program, not a bunch of people looking back at me with a slack jaw expression.

Webster has run this program for 4 years. You'd think they'd have a clue.

They don't.

But they did pull something out of their arses and the kids had a blast, so kudos.

And the BSA stance on Atheists and Gays is just plain stupid and archaic. Are you trying to protect the youths from being molested by banning Atheists and Gays? How odd as seeing the overwhelming majority of child molesters would claim to be heterosexual and God fearing. In fact, we'd be safer if the program was run by atheists and gays, by your line of thinking.

And your Website! Seriously, it's the 21 century! In the second week of summer camp and you finally check the website and you look at me and say, "Oh, the registration on the website doesn't work."

How do you not know that? Is it because everyone just calls you up to register? Why is that?

And Camp Webster, what the frell is up with the speed boat? Seriously? The lake is 400 meters across. It take the speed boat three seconds to cross that. I timed it while I watched it blaze back and forth across the lake, churning up the lake bed. Why? Sell the dang thing and buy something useful, like a new website.

And Scoutstuff.org, where I can buy official scout gear, why is there no search feature? Or maybe classifying stuff so I don't have to spend hours looking for some pins.

I could go on, but I won't. No, really, I could go on, like putting provisional Scouts with the Co-ed group without explaining to the Scouts, or the camp staff the rules of Co-Ed living. Or heck, even explaining to the staff what Ventures are. I mean, that one is kinda serious, dontcha think?

Like I said, I can really go on.

Kagetsunami asked me when I came home why I put up with all the scat.

Here's why.

It's as simple as that.
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