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We're so, so, really sorry.

Mr. Dragoncaller, we at Sears are truly sorry that our carrier damaged your house and yes we think that you've been more than patient while we stall, dodge and duck our responsibility in the matter, and yes we know you're quite clever to see through our plan to slip out of this affair and dump the responsibility in your lap, so this time we're going to triple, no, quadruple our efforts into getting this resolved by sending yet another strongly worded e-mail to the installer to get this fixed and no we're not jumping through hoops now that you've threatened to sue us but because we care and we realize that our customer service has degraded over the years making our company a joke compared to its former glory and our loyalty base is withering away because of our lackluster service but that, Mr. Dragoncaller is going to change and we are really, really going to get this fixed for you because we actually care and you're not some whiny, schmo who won't stop calling, but a person who knows where fault lies and we're not going to shirk it more than twelve times because at SEARS, we only shirk our obligation to our customers eleven times and your case has clearly gone on one shirk too many and the shirk ends here and now and you won't have to call again and bug us any more because this e-mail we're sending should, finally, get this resolved for you and if there is anything else we can do for you, please, don't hesitate to call and please don't carry out your threat to start a BLOG smear campaign to point out your justified complaint and let the world know that deep inside we're incompetent and uncaring and people should shop elsewhere because that would hurt our bottom line and we are all about protecting our bottoms.

Thank you and have a nice day.
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