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More on SEARS .et all.

So, since my post about SEARS and their sudden willingness to be helpful, I have received several calls from them to get this problem that has gone on for nine months resolved. We shall see if it does indeed get resolved, but at least we're talking about it.

So in light of that, I feel that bitching in my LJ is a good thing and therefore I'd like to expand on it.

Governor Maloy. Your plan to balance the state budget by firing State Troopers and Correction Officers is wrong and won't work. The state will shell out more money for having understaffed law enforcement through overtime costs and civil lawsuits. There is a reason why the state requires a certain amount of cops and jailers and we will open ourselves to civil litigation for intentionally failing to meet them. You promised to Tax the rich in your campaign, not fire our cops who supported your election. You've not taxed the rich at all but introduced proposals for new highway tolls. Car owners in some nations are in fact considered rich, just not in this nation.

Boy Scouts of America. If your website, Scoutstuff.org was made to not actually buy things but to be something to look at then you have accomplished that. It is otherwise a waste of bandwidth. Might I suggest a search feature, p'raps? And the link that says, 'forgot your password'? That does take you to a place where you can enter your e-mail address and then it says, 'Password sent to your e-mail address', but it lies and sends no password.

Don't believe me? Here, go to www.scoutstuff.org and tell me the price for Venturing Appliques. Go ahead, I'll wait.

No seriously, go. I Dare you.

Ahm just saying that if you want people to buy your overpriced stuff, and it is overpriced, then you should at least make sure your website works. Personally, I don't think that you should be ripping off cub scouts and boy scouts with your over priced stuff, but that's just me. I think anything with a BSA logo should be tank and affordable. It should be the endorsement anyone looks for in camping gear and not the signal to buy elsewhere. But now anything marked Official BSA means it's overpriced, made overseas and will not last a whole camping trip let alone something you would hand down to your kids.

Bill Gates. You are the sole cause for world mediocracy. You have set the standard for fail and now the world follows along. If you made it big producing a crappy product that has never worked as promised since its inception and has counted for trillions of hours of human suffering struggling to make your stupid computer programs function that it has set the standard to underachieve too. Now everyone aims low. Promise anything, for personal honor means nothing. Steal anything because enough lawyers will absolve you and eventually earn you a spot on reality T.V. as a paid host for something. Do anything for our memories are short and we'll love you again soon enough despite the lives you've crushed. You can smile knowing that you did make an industry of hard working individuals dedicated to helping others; Tech Support. If anything else worked as reliably as your product, sir, then global warming would not even be a twinkle in Al Gore's eye. We would all still be living in caves wearing animal skins, except of course squid_ink and anneheart who would be wearing fig leaves.

I do not believe in the re-allocation of wealth, but I do believe that criminals should return what they stole. Mr. Gates, you owe everyone in the world a check.

So, lets see if the SEARS things work. I'll watch my mail box for a check from Bill Gates.
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