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Oh the mighty winds will blow

Once upon a time, back in the old country, lived a young boy with no appreciable skills who had been assigned the dreary and lonely job of sheep herder. It didn't require much training, just stand there, keep the sheep together and if a wolf shows up to scream his head off.

Well, our young lad soon bored of his job thought of a way to spice up the day and screamed his head off. Fearing a wolf was tearing out the boys innards, the town people armed themselves with wolf killing implements and ran up the hill where the boy had been stationed only to find the boy laughing his ass off and no wolf.

This went on a whole bunch of times and fewer and fewer people responded until no one came to the boy's aid when a real wolf showed up.

But this was a wolf of the old country. The boy screamed and screamed as the wolf dined on his gizzard. In fact, he didn't stop screaming until the wolf ripped out the boy's voice box.

The wolf then devoured the sheep, ambushed and ate the boy's relief, then jumped that guy's relief. The wolf then dozed for a bit, then with the light of the full moon rising over his shoulder, crept down to the down and ate a bunch of people there. He kept this up for a week straight for the town people simply ignored all the screams for help until there was no one left to eat.

The End.

Irene came to visit and brought us a warning that no one has yet to pick up on. Everyone is bitching that there wasn't much to the so called storm of the century which turned out to be nothing more than the rain storm of the year. But Irene did bring us a message, clear and distinct that many aren't keen to pick up and read. It is a difficult message to take in, although it is easy to understand.

We're not ready.

We're not. We've had it good till now, but truth be told if a category 3 had hit us the devastation would have been complete.

We're shackled to electricity. Let's all admit that, shall we? We can't go without power and thinking that we can is short sighted. We have to have it. Yet we do nothing to protect it. Power needs to be put underground. We should start with the cities and work our way out.

We need to break up this grid. Local sources of power must be made. Half a million people in Connecticut lost power. It can be avoided.

People need to learn the power of mother nature. I saw people walking around while trees were still falling and live powerlines were dangling from poles. A man drowned in a storm surge as he rode a canoe down the main street of his town. Another died when his car caught fire when it hit a downed powerline. I firefighter died tried to rescue someone who was swept out in a flash flood. If all these people stayed home they would all be alive. It's just that simple.

It's a storm, people! Treat it as such!

We need to train, practice and take this seriously EVERYTIME! Just because one petered out on us doesn't mean the next will. We must de-brief and re-work the plan so we're more ready next time. We must build the infrastructure to handle bigger and badder storms.

The next one may not be a warning.
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