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Sears fumbles on

So today I get a call from the insurance company for SEARS. I was unable to pick up so they leave a message asking about the damage that occurred on THEIR property. Hearing that, I take time out of my work day and call them back.

Me: No, the damage did not occur on your property, it happened on my property.
SEARS Insurance: Oh, that makes more sense.

This does not fill me with confidence.

Now this is the Hartford insurance company and the lady says that SEARS did not forward them the copy of the estimate and ask if I could send it along. I say yes. Note, she does not ask for two, just one estimate. Before I ask her about that, she says, 'Did you call the police?'

'It happened on my property, why would I call the police?'

She agrees and then asks if my car was towed.

'No, your truck hit my rain gutter.'

'Oh, right, right.'

Granted, it's friday and she's the insurance company and she must deal with hundreds of car claims a day. Honest mistake. She says she'll pick this up again on Tuesday. Fair enough.

I get home and I have an e-mail from SEARS waiting for me. I was CC'd in an e-mail to the insurance company forwarding the estimate to them.

What kills me is SEARS e-mail signature. It's a quote from the grand master of Fail himself. Bill Gates. The same guy I blame for no flying cars in the 21st century is their role model.

"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning"
.....Bill Gates

I am not making this up. Seriously, what are the medium unhappy costumers? Bill Gates built his fortune on unhappy customers. He released crappy and incomplete products for us to test for him because he was too incompetent and lazy to look for the bugs himself. Sears looks up that that? Well, SEARS, what have you learned. So far, not a single thing.

But I'll help you.

Here is the solution. SEARS, you have gutter installation people working for you. Send a crew over and fix my gutter. Done! You get it done for cost. You can get the cost of that out of your installer and your customer, me, is happy. It's that simple. Why go through all this when you can fix it at your whim? Are you hoping I'd just give up? Well, how much in man power has it cost you to get to this point. Edwin, the media guy who reads my blog, Chinnel, the girl at the Hartford, Hector, Steve, Andrea and Sharon at the complaint center. And you still have to fix my gutter. Would it not have been easier to send your guy over?

We will never shop at SEARS again. Lesson learned.

Oh, and SEARS, fix my gutter! Winter is coming, again!
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