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Groton Fall Fest, Groton CT

Oyez! Oyez! Pray attend!

The Barony Beyond the Mountain is hosting a Demo at the Groton Fall Festival Groton Connecticut, Saturday 10/8/11. 10am 4pm.

SCAdians, come and display your Arts, Science, skills of Marshall Combat and all things that make the SCA the group to join. This is a premium venue for us to demonstrate what we do, with 4000 to 6000 visitors of all ages expected. This is the chance for us to bring our best arts to display and demonstrate. Artisans, fighters, performers, all are welcome, nay, needed.

Last year the SCA looked awesome and this year I want us to be bigger than ever!

We'll need a set up crew and a take down crew, not a lot of work either end. You don't have to be around for the whole event, whatever part you can do will be great.

Set up is at 09:00
Event starts at 10:00
Event Closes at 4:00pm

During the day, we will have a list field where we will rotate dancers, drummers, Singers, performers of all venue, fighters, Youth and fence. I will vie for a 20' space for art and science display and a meet and greet area for people wandering by. Next to that will be the 20' list for demos. Behind that will be a little shade area for us to relax.

This is a mundane event and will have many merchants and other shows going on. You'll be free to wander around and shop, see the car show, attend the concerts and enjoy yourself and when people come up and ask, 'Hey, are you in a play?' You can smile and explain.

Upon arrival, there will be a smiling, Park and Rec Person in a reflective vest who will guide you where to park. There is a shuttle bus for over flow parking. They will also send you to where we're set up.

This is a soccer field so there will be no tent Stake-ing, hole digging, fire building or any thing like that. Portable pop ups are fine. Bring chairs. If you have a big table for displays, we'll need that too.

Pot luck day board. Bring something to share!

Bring banners, your finery, dress for success in the cool, but sunny October weather. Bring a weather witch to ensure sunny, this is a rain or shine deal.

Just come and share the day and have a good time.

Directions! Poquonnock Plains Park Address is 150 Fort Hill Rd, Groton CT 06340

Get thee to I95, Connecticut, Exit 88

From the North, turn left off the off ramp
From the South, turn right off the off ramp.

This dumps you off on Rt117S. Proceed about a mile or so until 117 ends. Turn left. Proceed about an 1/8th of a mile and look for the park on the left. There is a traffic light there. Look for the reflecterized Park and Rec person who'll be happy to assist you.

For more details, you can reach Lady Shi-Lung or Master Frodo at
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