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SEARS just can't get it right

So I got a call from a company that represents SEARS. Since SEARS is self insured, this is their insurance company, although they are not an insurance company. So I tell her that The Hartford insurance company already called. She seemed surprised over this. She asked if an estimate had been done and I told her that it was for $630 and I sent it to the SEARS people. She then said she would make some more calls and get back to me.

Blink, blink, blink.

What the heck? SEARS is honestly a headless creature with parts and limbs doing stuff that the other limbs have no idea what they're up to. Nobody there talks to anyone else.

Here's and idea, SEARS, work this out. You're the multimillion dollar corporation, surely you have the phone numbers for each department. CALL EACH OTHER! Stop calling me asking me what you're doing. I don't know what you're doing.


Got paperwork stuff done. Application for Groton Fall Festival, did up Website for BBM, took the escape pod off Baba, changed kitty litter, called exterminator for our termite problem and the water guy for our water softener.

Renewed AAA and did a Marine Corps health survey. Their website was great! No nonsense, easy to understand, 5 minutes and done.

I went to Google and updated my critique of Han's Imports and Domestics of Wickford RI and discussed that Omar had installed the wrong coil and the host of problems that caused. Some one else had a similar complaint. Hmmm.

Tonight I only made it three laps around the walking track. I abandoned doing the fourth as I saw lightening flashes in the sky. Now Ahm not saying Ahm a'feared of no lightening, it's just that I had Gen and her top has holes and I didn't want to get caught out in the rain, isall.
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