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True drizzle

There are movies with True Grit,

and movies with something else.

We have watched them both and made the mistake of watching the original, John Wayne True Grit which left the new, Jeff Bridges version something to aspire to. The original was fun to watch, a good western, while the new one had us struggling to finish. Jeff Bridges was okay, Matt Damion was a little more than a stage prop and the girl of the story as painful to endure as the company of the lawyers she threatens you with. The movie did an excellent job of cutting out the important and necessary parts and inventing useless and distracting parts.

In short, the 1969 version was a good movie, 3 out of 5 stars. The new 2010 version, 1 out of 5 stars. I think kagetsunami would have given it negative numbers. She was so bored she left half way through to unload the dishwasher. Most of you know that Kagetsunami only does chores at gun point so then I should thank the producers of this movie for making a lame fest that got her off the couch without the usual blood shed.

This movie did not need to be re-made. It brought nothing to the table and if anything, stole crumbs from the floor. The "Movie Critics" who all lined up to praise this re-make must have had the pockets bulging from their rewards for doing so, or so I imagine, for how they can watch this glue factory and say it's entertaining is beyond me.

If you are in need of throwing away 2 hours of your life, might I suggest masturbation? Like the movie you'll feel dirty, ashamed of yourself and like a loser, but unlike the movie, you'll have a brief moment of joy.
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