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Oh, no thank you, I'll just nibble

Nibble, Nibble, Nibble.
Not a big bite, only a little nibble
For that is what we do,
Nibble, nibble nibble,
'cause we are termites
and your house is so tasty,
Nibble, Nibble, Nibble.

It is nature, after all. A tree, once it dies, needs a helper to return to the soil, like the maggot does to zombies, the termite does for trees and what is my house made of if not dead trees. Would not the little termite be slacking in his appointed job if he did not nom on my house?

I would rather him not too. I'm sure we have many other dead trees lying around. It is unnecessary for him to prioritize my house and yet he does.

I saw their handy work and ripped off the siding.

Here is their handy work, the little bastards. So, I took my new sawsall, the light saber of the carpentry world, and cut out the dead wood.

and did something that a Knight cannot not do. Only a Master can cut a piece of wood Longer.

Now I just have to put the boards up then the shingles and then do the other side of the house.
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