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I am Hardwired!

Power, flowing like water through rapids, igniting my being and transforming me into a Living Dynamo!

What a word, Dynamo! There isn't a more action packed word; Dynamo! And it's a real thing, not like some made up Star Trek word like Neutrino, or transistor.

I know that Neutrino's and Transistors are real things too, ahm a foolin ya. But all the sci fi powers attributed to them is fairly amazing. They went 8 episodes straight on STtNG where they solved their crisis with yet another use of Neutrinos or Tachyons. Gosh, those crazy Tachyons.

Today I replaced my failing, aged smoke detectors with bright, shinny new ones!

It's raining so I can't(won't) go work on the barn so it's indoor stuff to do. Changed the cat litter and hardwired up the smoke detectors. I discovered that they are not interconnected. The detectors are capable, but the builder of the house didn't run the necessary wire to make them work. Bummer!

There is a certain feeling of safety and accomplishment wiring the house for sound. The hardest part was figuring out which circuit breaker they are on. But after flipping switches I know which is which and I've now labeled them using they handy dandy label maker that goodkarma74 left here. I hate to admit it, but it's a much better alternative to my method of scrawling it out in crayon. Sepia fades after awhile.

Who knew?
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