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Unlock the back door.

A chilling wind blew softly and steadily, hissing in the drying, dying leaves of the trees. Sunlight flittered weakly, trying to burn its way through the shear of clouds. The ground was covered with color of Autumn.

I unlocked the back door.

It is a safety measure. I've never needed an escape route but all good plans must have one. You never know when you'll need a channel of immediate departure.

I wore my pith helmet this year and my old sagging flip-flops and headed out.

For you who have followed my journal, you may know that this is the time for my annual walk around the outside of the house. I didn't linger, that damned cool wind getting the better of me. The storms this year have motivated my neighbors to cut down some of their trees so if you peer carefully off into the distance you can see them and I imagine from their second story windows, if they craned their necks, stood on their toes, leaned way out the window with a pair of binoculars, they could see me.

But I took that chance and successfully made it around the house another year.

I then got dressed and went to cleaned the leaves off the lawn.

The Husquavijararnhidawvidafjord died.

Something pricy went, meaning, new motor block is needed, went.

Last night, the battery on my Makita drill failed and a replacement will cost 50.00. I went on line and checked on errors and recalls and found nothing but people complaining about the batteries dying. One guy wrote that he just buys new tools because the cost of the batteries is more than a new tool and it comes with new batteries and charger. He bragged about all the tools he had.

Really? And what happens when those batteries fail? I never ending collection of tools with dying batteries?

So, I can spend 50.00 to get my drill running again or buy a corded drill and stop the cycle of batteries. It's a hard pill to choke down. It's a good drill. I don't want to chuck it because of a battery, but do I want to spend 50.00 a year to keep it and of course, give into the slick marketing of the Makita tool company?

I donno.

Sigh, it's always something, innit?
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