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And the clock goes back an hour.

Billy Pilgrim had ventured into the future and saw how the universe ended. There was a machine and a man flips a switch on the machine and quite unintentionally it causes a chain reaction that ends the universe. I thought about this as I dragged out the table saw that Sir diablu left in my barn and plugged it in. Mice had nibbled everything in the barn and it was covered with mouse dropping indicating they had visited so surely they had eaten some wires or something. I peered underneath and it all looked okay. I hit the moving parts with silicone to loosen them up.

Then with the fate of the universe on the line, I turned it on.

And it worked.

I have my own table saw and I thought I would never need a second, but why drag mine out of the cellar if this one is sitting right here?

kagetsunami and I finished up the north side of the Barn on Saturday. If all goes well, I can finish up the south side this Saturday. I've leaned a bit and I think I can go a little faster now that I won't be making too many of the same mistakes. I have also made the work bench in the basement a real work bench by adding support beams. It is really tank now.

Slowly but surely it all comes together. Once the Barn is done I can jack up Gen and start to welding the new support rails. But then the weather should be to crappy to drive her around anyway.

It's dark at 5:30, now. I think that was a mistake. We should have held off setting the clocks back another two weeks. I'm not adjusting right to this hour shift.

Andy Rooney and Joe Frasier died this week. For the third celebrity death I predict Lindsey Lohan.

Let's hope I'm wrong.
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