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Shiny, shiny rocks.

Election time in North Stonington is a march back in time to an era where things were simple. When South Stonington crumbled into the sea and North Stonington was elevated from penal colony to an incorporated town the voting system they first used then is the same one we use now. We have colored rocks. Red republican, blue democrat, white is labor, pink right to life, green is for the libertarian party and brown is for the green party. There is a chart in case you get confused. For write in candidate there is an unpolished black rock and you scribe the candidates initials on it and drop it in the hole.

If you screw up, say drop two rocks in the same hole, a mystery elder comes into the booth with you, scolds you and makes you do it again and supervises you if need be. It is creepy, but when your done you will have voted correctly and your vote will count.

The system has worked for 168 years with out one hanging chad, not one miscount or re-vote.

I went for the write in candidate this year.

I want to send the message that I'm done with politics as usual. Your position as my leader isn't a career, you're there to get the roads paved, spackle the sidewalk and stay out of my life. Two years ago the bridge was washed out and you're now thinking about replacing it? Two years? Really?

And then there is Cain. Cain is the joke candidate. He has no chance of winning but attention is being paid to him to drown out other candidates who have a chance of winning. That is the long and short of it.

Here's my dream candidate. Start setting up recycling plants and get the egg heads at NASA to stop peering though telescopes and figure out how to recycle our trash. Farm land will sprout up some wind mills and shopping mall parking lots will have solar arrays. All housing developments will have their utilities underground. No more door to door school bus service. Your kid can walk a couple blocks.

We're spending a Billion to elect a candidate? Provide air time on Channel 1 for all candidates and eliminate the $5 to election fund on tax forms.

And taxes will be flat. No exemptions. Everybody.
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