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Dragoncaller Porn

This weekend we watched the movie

It's about a 20 year old woman who at the time of her mother's death tries to save her younger sister from an abusive step father and winds up accidentally killing her. Committed to a corrupt asylum, Baby Doll, our hero, slips into a delusional world to escape what's about to happen to her, a lobotomy.

It's a dream wrapped around an illusion cloaked in a head trip. Image intense the girls battle dragons with a WW2 fighter/bomber, go up against WW1 clockwork steam punk soldiers, and battle giant undead samurai while looking over the top sexy.

This is Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue glamour with decent acting, but seriously, who's looking for the acting? I tried making a drinking game for every up-skirt shot but soon realized I would die of alcohol poisoning before the movie ended.

Three stars. Awesome to look at with sparkle and pizzaz and school girls with legs up to here with swords. You'll tremble with the sugar rush when you're done. Don't look for Masterpiece theater here. Just interesting visual effects.
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