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More on SEARS, the oozing wound.

More on SEARS:

To recap, over a year ago a Sears contractor backed his truck into our rain gutter and crushed it. Since then we have been battling with Sears to get it fixed. We have called, written, posted and pleaded with them. Sears has very kind people working for them who say things like, "I will have this resolved and have an answer for you today!". And then nothing. I also get a lot of, "Well, you need to call/write/email this other agency because we at Sears is incapable of doing that or we're still trying to duck out of our responsibility."

From Sears to Segwig (an admin third party) to Hartford insurance to Sentinel insurance. Today I got a letter from Segwig claiming it's been resolved. I call them back and spend twenty minutes on hold before being told to call Sentinel. Sentinel goes they are investigating because the truck involved may not be insured.

Really? Sears, you don't require your contractors who work in your name to be insured?

We've been at this for over a year!

Sears, here's what you do. Send a guy to fix my gutter. Then, Sears, you can go after your contractor at your leisure. I should not be calling people and being put on hold. That, Sears, is not customer service. That is not putting the customer first but shirking your responsibility. I should not have to deal with tertiary agencies to fix damage that Sears (through their contractor) caused.

Come on, Sears, make this right!

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