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Rules of the road

If you're in the left lane and people in the right lane are passing you, get out of the left lane.

If you're in the left lane and no one is around you, get out of the left lane.

If you're in the left lane and you're trying to pass someone, speed up, pass them, and get out of the left lane.

If you're in the left lane and I am behind you, get out of the left lane.

Smokers: Just what the hell is wrong with the ashtray in your car? Why makes you think that tossing your nasty butts out the window is acceptable? Here's your official notice: It's not acceptable and you can keep your trash in the car with you.

To Auto-Ninjas: Hiding your car in my blind spot is just plain stupid. One, I see you. Two, if I don't, I'm only going to hit you and or cut you off when I change lanes. Draw a mental line 45 degrees from my tail light. If that line touches your car, get out of there. Either pass or slow down. Choose.

Drafting is only acceptable in NASCAR. Do not tail gate. If you want to pass, flash your lights and give me a moment and I'll get out of your way.

I drove to Florida this weekend. It was a long drive but it was nice to see my parents and my Aunt Pat. We had a nice sit down dinner, some hugs and all was well. I wished I could have stayed longer but I had a long drive back. It's not the endurance, I can drive, it's the boredom that gets me. On the long, straight, flat roads of the south the little white lines can hypnotize you.

Georgia? What's with the Confederate Flag? Seriously?
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