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There was a time

When distance meant nothing to me. I jumped in the car and drove until I got tired, slept in the car, then drove some more. I was young and had time. It didn't seem like I had time and yet I did.

Armed with a radio, a boom box and a handful of tapes, and a blazing 36 horse power engine I was gone. I could fit my whole life in that car.


I went to Florida last weekend. I drove until I got tired, pulled off and stayed at a hotel, but heck, the room was only 35 bucks and the three hours of sleep and stale, complimentary biscuits was worth it. I had a change of civvies and warm clothes if I needed it. I had a box of CD's and my wheels and much more horse power than before.

And turbo.

Yes, Turbo nice.

I wanted to see it I could do it, how hard it would be.

It took me 26 hours to my destination. Not bad, I guess. The stay in the Hotel was the smart thing and the right thing and I'm glad I did it.

I'm glad I took the drive. It was a good thing I got to see my parents.

But I won't do it again.

Sorta hurts to say it, but I didn't save any money in fuel and tolls. It was not the point of the journey, but the destination and if I had flown I could have spent two whole days with my parents and not just a few hours.

P'raps another time I will make the journey and plan to stop to see things along the way, but for now, the road will have to wait.
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