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Right here, right now

I went to Ruby Tuesday. It shone like a crown jewel laid on black velvet on a dark and storming night. My windshield, bespeckled of broken diamonds while ghosts moaned and shook my car. Warm, inviting friendly, come in, shake the world off, sit down and have something to eat.

The servers, formally known as waiters, were exceptional. P'raps too efficient as my meal came before my second drink, but it was for the better, m'thinks. The drink was too sweet and not nearly enough booze. The meal was, yawn. Wasn't bad, wasn't good.

There was no pow.

It was, I'm sure the same fare they serve all over the country and I'm sure everyone loves it.

Green Onion Pizza of North Stonington serves this Gyro Pizza, ah, now there is pow, biff and socko! It's a classic Batman and Robin battle! Then there is Valentino's in Montville and a Ranch Chicken Pizza. Well worth the drive. That section of the world is not accessible from any other section.

Then there is Uncle D's. So far off the path but so worth the drive.

I guess I hate chain stores.

I went to Ring Lumber, a local company and they were okay but I found the same stuff at Home Depot that was cheaper and closer. I then went to this book shop but only had to go to Barnes and Noble for what I wanted.

So I guess I like chain stores.

I fixed my back up drive, correctly guessing it was the cable and not the drive itself, so I went to Best Buy and got what I needed. The week prior I went to buy kagetsunami a set of sound muting head phones and the clerk there, instead of saying he didn't know what he was talking about, made stuff up. Now, I'm no rocket surgeon but I knew he was full of shit and I started to call him on it, but his boss swooped in and saved him as best he could, but the damage was done. The boss didn't look me in the eye, nor did he say anything like, 'eh, he's new'. The boss just contradicted all the crap the clerk had said and saved the sale and got out of there. The clerk wouldn't look at me either, like it was my fault he was a moron.

I ordered an item from a person on-line and through reasons that were partially her fault and partially beyond her control, the sale fell through. She refunded my money pleasantly enough, but made me feel like it was my fault at the same time she explained why it was actually on her end.

I try not to by stuff from China. I feel shipping crap across the ocean is a waste of fuel, but when I'm trying to order from the USA and the small business person I'm made to feel like crap about it.

How exactly does that work?

I'm a curmudgeon. I have the instruction guide right here. This means I don't want syrup with my financial transaction. I don't need a pile of poo either. I don't want to be your friend, but I don't have to be your enemy. I just want what I need and don't need to be berated for it.

I guess I like my hardware from anywhere, but my pizza from around the corner.
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