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Know any good thieves, lately?

My WoW account was hacked. It could have been a keylogger when I was logged in using the PC and not the Mac. It could have been they figured out my pass code. Ah donno. About 10,000 gold total was taken between coin and stuff.

Battlenet restored everything within minutes and I was back up and running with a new password and an authenticator.

I resent having it.

It's like putting in a security system on your house so every time you walk it you have to enter a code so the cops don't come to your house. Like it's my fault there are thieves out there. I'm the one who has to build walls and fences and walk around with a pocket full of keys and a head full of codes and it's my fault.

I blame Obama, of course.

Is he not the chief law enforcement officer of the country?

My prediction for the near future is that hackers will be our biggest threat. As more and more of our stuff is on-line, our banking, our back up drives, school work, work work, everything we do is going on line the more at mercy we will be to hackers and the law enforcement branch, the FBI is ill equipped to deal with it. Unless the bad guys are stealing more than 9,999.99 then the feds won't notice is the least. This is allow a network of low level theft to permeate throughout society to the point that we're not even noticing it. We wonder why the stuff we buy is so expensive when we know how cheap it is to make. The manufactures are getting robbed, so they pass the cost to us and we absorb it.

We're looking to Wall Street for their money and not the thieves themselves we are effectively walking into our homes and taking what they like.

Maybe because the thieves are just taking a nibble, just a little bit. We have insurance. We'll get it all back anyway.

We're paying out. We're forking over big bucks to criminals without a second thought.

And what does one do with stolen World of War Craft Gold? Isn't just bits of computer code? Why, they sell it for money, of course. Real money. People buy this fake gold because they're too lazy to just earn it themselves in the game. Most don't realize that the gold they are paying money for is actually stolen from someone else. That they are the receivers of ill gotten goods.

Can arrests be made? You betcha. Even if the money is being funneled overseas most time there is a State Side connection that can be broken. Bank accounts that can be seized. There is stuff we can do to protect ourselves.

But, we don't care.

Until the first murder. That hacker who delves into a hospital account and monkeys with someone's chart and prescribe something ooky to some poor schmoe. Ha, ha, big fun. It will be then we're alarmed. Then we'll pull out all the stops to find the guy. Then we'll start the process of figuring out how to catch the guy.

That's like rolling up onto a crime scene and thinking. Hmmm, let's invent a method to identify people by their finger prints, then finger print every bad guy in the world and keep that on file so we can solve this crime.

Or we can start hunting this criminals now and reel in these guys while they're still small.
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