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When did I become a cook?

We had gone to Ruby Tuesdays the other night and I had a blah time. I had ordered the zucchini/squash thing and it was as tasty as a used Band Aid.

I Stood in my kitchen looking at the zucchini/squash thatkagetsunami had bought in the sooooper market. Brilliant green and pale yellow. No clue how to cook them. I cut them into coins and tossed them on the iron skillet for a bit of cook. A dash of garlic powder, hint of salt and cracked peppercorn and serve.

I never really like zucchini or squash before. Squash is a food I avoid because it falls under the category of violent sounding acts. Like artichoke. Is that a threat?

But my zucchini/squash dish was brilliant!

In fact, I'd like some now.

I'm very good at cocking things up. Measure twice, cut once and still manage to fuck it up but when termite tore into my barn I decided to do it myself.

I ripped off the walls and cut out the rot, age and the termite tenant building and put up new.

That's all me. I made mistakes but it's a hell of a lot better than when I started. I guess in the long run, that's all that really matters.

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