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Are we ready for the end of it all?

Here they come...
Shufflin' down the street,
they get the funniest looks from
everyone they eat!

Hey, hey! It's the zombies!
People say we're clownin' around.
But we're to busy eatin',
so we're gonna bring you down.

Yes, zombies. It's not the one or two, but the thousands that swarm you. Are you ready? Do you think so? Food supply, weapons? High Tech Armor? Got all that? That's not what you need. All you need to survive the zombie apocalypse is this:

A plan.

Everyone talks about how they would use their sword/axe/machine gun in case of zombie outbreak, but will you have all that in the office? I know I do, but do you? You're walking back from the coffee mess with your steaming cuppa joe and there is Jane from accounting doing a fondue from Wilson's cranium. What do you do? What weapons do you have? A stapler? Gonna paper cut Jane to death/un-death? I think not.

Well, you better start thinking about it now. I don't know what you're office is like. Mine has a bunch of easily accessed weapons. Yours might too. But it might not.

Here's a suggestion:

Zombies have infiltrated your work space. Get back to the coffee mess. Are there cupboards? Break the door off the hinge and make an impromptu shield, grabbing the handle of the cupboard door. As the zombie approaches you, body check them out of your way, keeping your shield in the zombie's face to keep them from biting you. If the zombie grabs your shield, let it go and run to the stairs and run to the ground floor. Zombies can climb up stairs but have a hard time going down. Good chance they'll fall. A fallen zombies is better than a standing and chasing you zombie. Pull the fire alarm on the way. The more of your coworkers coming to see what's going on, the less the zombie will chase YOU. Get to the parking lot and get to your car and drive to your weapon stash.

We're talking survival here. YOUR survival.

More on this later. It's time to get ready. Zombie day is only 11 months away.
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