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Guns! Guns! When do we get guns?

You've only survived the first 20 minutes of a zombie attack. You're not outta the woods yet. Guns are later, you have much more important things to think about.

Where are you going? You need safety and shelter and your first instinct might be to go home or to the nearest pub, but are those good places to be? My brother stated that he'd make his way to my house. Let's think about that. We have weapons, food and we're isolated, not a bad choice. However we have huge bay windows and doors. Our upstairs windows are case and make horrible shooting platforms. There is no cover on the roof and our fields of fire are limited. My house would be a very temporary location. Grab gear and go.

But to where. Once again this will be your choice. Start looking around at the neighborhood. Roads may be blocked so you might need to hoof it so think close. Local hospital? Hmmmm, think where the zombie outbreak is likely to occur? That's right, the med center. Police station? Not a bad choice and they will have set up a fugitive area. Let's hope you can get there.

Wherever you choose, think about defensive posture. How easy is it to barricade the windows and doors? Water supply? How hard for rescue services to find you? Back up generators are good things but might atract zombies at night. Our first choice is our local library. Solid stone walls, 4 inch thick oak doors, windows are twelve feet up and small, with a second story that can provide wide fields of fire and a roof with cover. This would make a great place to hunker down and gather forces or wait for rescue.

If you have a primary destination, have a second and tertiary. Driving far may not be an option. If you don't have a decent back pack, get one. Have a two person tent and sleeping bag, some dried rations and fire starter material. Water purification tablets. It'll make the water taste like crap, but at least you won't get something like diarrhea. Something like that in a criss situation can kill you faster than a zombie. If you can't get into a safe place, you might want to think of getting up to a roof and camping out there. You won't be spotted by zombies on the ground. Just remember that however you got there, make sure you close that off. If you used a ladder, haul it up with you.

Living Zombies need light to see while the Undead can sense your Bio-electric aura. So against Living Zombies travel at night but for Undead infestations travel during the day so you can see.

We're getting to weapons soon, so hang in there.
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