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It's Good SOPA!

I am against internet piracy.

I am against bad laws.

SOPA is against internet piracy, but is a bad law.

I am against criminals.

The CEO of WIKIpedia is a criminal (in my opinion)

WIKIpedia is against SOPA.

If WIKIpedia is against it, I am for it.

I am for SOPA.

I am happy that WIKIpedia, a web site that I detest and I believe is an example of everything that's wrong with this country, is blacked out today. I'm hoping that people wake up and realize the perpetuating scam of crap that flows out of that site and that they don't need it.

I would like to see everyone who works for, has worked for, or is affiliated with WIKIpedia, arrested, tried, and if found guilty, suitably punished for being traitors to our country.

There ya have it.

Piracy is bad.

Bad law is bad.

WIKIpedia is bad.

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