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My issue with WikiPEDIA

I'm sorry for confusing everyone.

I thought I had already posted a rant on why I hate Wikipeida and that we're all on board with my little bout of insanity but it turns out that I didn't make the actual post. It was all in my head. I'm sure WikiLEAKS has already accessed my head and included it with their treasonous website, but it wasn't on Dragoncaller's page.

My bad.

And now I don't remember what the post was, exactly. I'm getting old. I can only take comfort that diablu is getting even older. He's so old when he wants to access a file on his computer he has to get up, turn the tape cassette over and then press play when prompted. He's so old his monitor is a punch card. He's so old his binary code is one number.

I digress.

Wikipedia is mis-information.

They are wrong. (on occasion)

Wikipedia says SOPA is wrong.

So, if Pedia is wrong and says SOPA is wrong then that means SOPA must be right.


That's what I'm all on about.
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