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And so now we come to weapons

The zombies are roaming the streets. You've gotten to safety, boarded up the place and attempted to make contact with the outside world. Help will be slow in coming if at all. You'll need more supplies, food and medical. You'll need fuel. You may have heard word of a more secure camp if you can make it there.

If is the biggest two letter word ever.

Time to move, or defend what you've got. So, what are you packing?

We all would like to have our primary weapons of choice. Mine is nuking the planet from orbit while I'm in the safety of the Moon base, but that is unlikely and unless you have your Desert Eagle .50 magnum with you in the shower you'll be in the same, leaky boat.

Let's start with Living Zombies. To re-cap, they need their heart and lungs and other organs to function. These guys are way fast and incredibly strong. Once they grab you, it's over. Forget about out running them. Once they sense you, you're in trouble so you'll need to take these guys down at range.

Your weapon of choice:

The assault rifle. M-16, m-4 (pictured) AK-47 (anneheart has one kicking around) Mini-14, M-1, M-14, you name it. Your target needs his organs and taking a good shot to the chest will cause the bullet to tumble and do maximum damage. The M-16 style uses a 5 millimeter round. You can carry more ammo with you, but may take more shots to knock down a zombie. The AK uses the 7 mm round. More knock down, but you can carry less ammo. See how this works? The one pictured may not be legal for you to own in your state. Little matter, the legal ones will work just fine.

Other rifles are just as valid but may be slow to operate. My 30-30 will stop anything in its tracks, but it's lever action. Slow and you lose point of aim cocking it. But if it's what ya got it's what ya got.

What should you carry? What you can get your hands on. Here in Connecticut there are open, public ranges. Find a friend with a gun and offer him a box of ammo if he'll let you get some target practice. Everyone should know their way around a firearm, like them or not.

While we're talking rifles, let's brooch the subject of a little gun safety. Guns can be complicated and they are all different. You may not be sure what's safe or not. If you're not sure, don't mess with it. Even if it is on "safe". "Safe" usually means there's a cheap, .05 cent bit of metal keeping you from certain death. So, in my opinion, NO GUN IS EVER SAFE. I'll say that again because it's that important. NO GUN IS EVER SAFE! Seriously. There is an old saying, the loudest sound in the world is an unloaded gun going off. NO GUN IS EVER SAFE.

Always point in a safe direction and that is usually DOWN. I know, Charlie's Angles had the up gun position, but if the gun goes off the bullet can travel miles before coming back down and killing someone. I'm not going into my Syrian Shopping Mall story unless you really need to know. To suffice, just know that it's a great example of why you should not shoot guns in the air.

Some assault rifles, if you have the $300 postage stamp, will have automatic and burst. I find these a waste of ammo, but if the zombies are close, like within 25 yards, you have only a couple seconds left to live. Let 'em have it.

If you have a shot gun, get a fist full of deer slugs and aim low. If you hit them in the pelvis it will incapacitate them and they will bleed out PDQ. Practice tossing rounds into the open side port. This way you can switch between slugs and buck. With Buck, 00 or go home.

When you do drop the zombies, finish them with a final head shot from a distance. We all know the zombie will reach up and grab you no matter how messed up they are if you get close. Always take them at a distance. If you got nothing to take them at a distance with, LEAVE THEM. If they are crawling after you, let the crawl. You can run from crawl.

But many of us are SCAdians! What about swords!

Swords don't need ammo or pesky reloads. They won't malfunction.

Well, unless you practice your sword strikes every day (Like I do) keep in mind a few things. Do you have a real, high quality sword? If it says Toledo on it, no, you probably don't. These will break with a proper killing strike and dull instantly. Against a Living Zombie, sword strikes are likely to bind up in flesh. Once that happens, your sword is lost to you. You can kick them off, or twist the blade free, but SCAdian's don't train that way. This is why I suggest a softball bat. Aluminum is best against zombies. Soft ball bats are narrower and handle better. Baseball bats are fatter and do more damage. Baseball is a two handed sport.

Close up with a zombie, fight as such: (From the Master Feral book of Whop Ass, Chapter 3) Attack the threat first. As a zombie presents he usually has his arms reaching out to grab you. Aim for that elbow. If he can't grab you you stand a chance. With your follow up swing, go for the head. Aim for the spot right at the tip of the top of the ear. Swing for all your worth and follow through. If you whiff, totally miss, don't panic, follow your swing bring it around and go again.

But what about the true, Undead Zombies? Well, this changes things. First, rifle shots will rip through them like rice paper. They are, after all, rotting, dried flesh. Also, they don't need their organs so shooting them in the body is a waste of time. Only head shots will do. Can you hit a small bobbing target at range? Good luck.

The undead are slow but usually there are a lot of them. This is where your sword will really do some damage. You'll slice through them with great efficiency. Bats work great here as well. But remember to aim for the threat. If you get too caught up aiming for the head and you miss, those hands will grab you and you're in trouble now. While the Undead Zombie is not as strong as the Living Zombie, they still might be way more stronger than you, depending on decomposition.

Shotguns work nicely here as well, but you're using buck only. Don't waste time with bird shot unless you're in a bind for ammo.

With the undead and guns, remember what's behind your target. More zombies? A school bus full of still alive and in need of rescuing kids? A concrete wall? A thin, flimsy wall where the rest of your team is hiding? Before you shoot anything you better know. Shooting may not be an option. Don't risk hitting a comrade! Remember, if they are not a zombie, they are a potential comrade.

And in the Zombie apocalypse, you'll need all the friends you can get.

I hope that this instructional post will keep you and other's safe during the end of the world. Good Luck and don't shoot me.
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