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It's all your fault.

Somewhere in America, a man forever destroyed the lives of many children and families. It was reckless, as he knew better. Selfish, completely. Evil, yes in every sense of the word.

He is a monster.

But instead of gathering the pitchforks and lighting the torches and seeking out to find and capture this monster, we instead have rounded up the villagers, those who were innocent, unaware that evil had stalked amongst them, and placed the blame on them.

The monster has been caught and will remain in prison for possibly the rest of his miserable life. Were it up to me I would cut his sentence in half, after cutting his tallywacker off first.

But the villagers?

The thing about monsters is this: They look like everyone else. They don't have horns or a tail. They're the nice neighbor who doesn't cause any problems. Should we round up the neighbors? How could you live next to a man who buried people under his driveway and not notice? Does that not make you an accessory?

The SCA has been sued and, argue the outcome elsewhere, has to pay for their combined roll in this horrid affair. Our blind ignorance to the villain in our midst has made us a companion to evil, a henchman, a lackey, because we didn't bother to pry into the life of one of our own, because we didn't scrutinize, spy and snoop to see the mark of evil written by the hand of Satan on the head of someone we thought a friend.

In truth we were betrayed, our trust cast to the gutter, but does our naïveté shield us from retribution?


We did not have safeguards in place. We did not have background checks. We did not have two deep leadership in place.

Background checks can only detect those who have been caught before. Two deep leadership did not help two teachers here in New England arrested for heinous sexual acts on their students.

Truth is these 'safeguards' are like cheap goggles in a acid tidal wave. "Zee goggles do NOZINK!"

Relying on them is like driving in a car wearing paper mache seat belts. Looks safe, maybe feels safe, but isn't safe in the least. It only make the betrayal that much more bitter when it happens and turning and pointing the finger at others only enslaves us to fear and paranoia.

As a scoutleader, I am frequently entrusted with the care of other people's children. I encourage the parents to join us, even if for a little while and see what we're doing, that our program is right and proper. I encourage them to drop in unexpectedly. Sadly, few ever do.

So what I'm getting at is this: Parents! If you're looking for others to blame, look within. Were you not there with your children? Why not? Did you stop by? Check on the guy? See his set up? How well did you know this guy? Have you been to his house at a Non-SCA event? Had Thanksgiving dinner? Trusted him enough to leave your child with?

Then how could you leave your child with a monster?

Or is it that you didn't know, that he somehow fooled you too?

And if he was good enough to fool you, do you think he might be good enough to fool the SCA as well?
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