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Shard's is submitted to DDP

As a note to keep track of things, I have finally submitted Shard's Thugs to Double-Dragon Publishing. I lost track of all the other places I've submitted too, however I must say that Double Dragon Publishing is the MOST complicated and MOST picayune company that I have ever dealt with and even heard of. When it comes to standard formatting et. all, they are unfathomable.

And yes, I hemmed and hawed so any blame in delay was mine, all mine. It is difficult to submit your work with the expectant kick to the junk when it gets rejected and DDP will be quite painful as never before have I had to jump through so many flaming monkey hoops to get something submitted.

I spoke to one writer, years ago, about his submission of his journal of his two tours in vietnam. He said that he sent it out to twelve publishers. Just packed it up and sent it. Normal double spaced with 1 inch margins. Two accepted him. I asked him about publishers who request 'No simultaneous submissions' and he just gave me an abhorrent look and scoffed.

I realize what it must feel like for a publisher to finally get his hands on something he wants to print and only finds himself bartering for the author's attention, but they should understand that we writers have to wait four to six months in-between submissions. If you submit to two places there goes a whole year! Months waiting around for that letter that says, we're sorry but your work doesn't currently fit our needs, nor will it ever. Please look the other way while we move to Sheboygan with no forwarding address.

Tis hard. Trying to pour in all the energy in the world in the opening sentence of the cover letter. The same amount of work making the sentence, look at me! as you put into the novel itself just doesn't seem fair.

Well, it's done. We'll see where it goes from there.
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