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Moar on publishing

Because I'm not ready to let this go quite yet, that's why.

In truth, this one hurts a little more than others because I spent a huge amount of time getting it into their specific format, layout, three different synopsis, bio and blurb, which is a fourth synopsis I guess. No other publisher has asked for these things in such captious persnickety.

I understand that there are people who write something and send it along to a publisher without so much as a proof-read and publishers sometimes go blind trying to read them, but this was certainly not the case with Shard. In-numerous drafts, painstakingly edited, and proof-read by six people, it was on a polish scale pretty damed shiny. I'm not saying it's perfect, but you'll have to be specific if you want me to look at something because I'm just not going to see it.

And seriously, their rejection letter, that is telling me to polish the story, had a glaring typo in it.


camilleyun hit the nail on the head. "it does sound like a form letter that was intended to soften the blow of rejection kind of like when someone says, "You're a very pretty girl but you'd be a knockout of you lost some weight." It's veiled as a compliment but it really isn't."

And shesingsnow also mentioned, "Great. They sent you a form letter and didn't even bother to edit it properly???"

Yeah, a form letter they didn't bother edit.

And the start of the letter says, "Apologies for taking so long to get back to you." Well, you had 4-6 weeks before you were late but the rejection came in eight working days. That's really fast.

What that really means is you didn't read it at all. You're busy and you can't be bothered to say so. You made me jump through flaming monkey hoops and you could not even bother to select the right rejection letter, or at least proof read the one you have.

I'm guessing that this was not a bad thing after all. I'm thinking that Double Dragon Publishing are a collective bunch of fucktards.

All right! On to the next.
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