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The Ass-tronaut Farmer

This weekend we watched the movie, Astronaut Farmer. I'm not going to do a link or picture or any of that because that take way too much time and way too much effort for a movie that already owes me two hours of my life back. I should have turned it off halfway. It was that bad.

If you haven't seen it, don't. It's the story of an incredibly selfish man, an incredibly stupid woman who live in a town filled with incredibly moronic people. There is this farmer, I don't know what he farmed, he had cattle and horses but they never show him farming, who builds a rocketship with the plan of going into Space.

It goes down hill from there.

Billy Bob Thorton was blah, the script was unbelievable and the characters were asinine. Some of the actors, like the 15 year old son and the house wife did really well in the acting department, but everything else was a total disaster. I can't think of anything nicer to say.

I think I will be hard pressed to watch another Billy Bob movie again, that's for sure.

Save yourself and watch Up again. You'll thank me.
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