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No more for your life and SEARS

I am currently on hold at SEARS complaint department. They play this 1970 blacksplotation music where the hip guy with the fro and giant platform shoes is making time with the ladies while getting valuable information on Mr. BIG.

Still on hold at SEARS.

SEARS is still ducking, dodging and deferring what is SEAR's fault. Here's the re-cap. In 2010 we bought an Oven from SEARS. The delivery guy, who is contracted by SEARS damaged our rain gutter with their truck.

Still on hold at SEARS.

Simple enough, innit? SEARS is responsible. SEARS contracted employee did the damage. SEARS should make it right. That's all I'm asking. SEARS can send someone out and fix the stupid gutter but SEARS seems incapable of doing that. SEARS isn't in the business of serving the customer or doing the right thing.

Still on hold at SEARS.

Oh, off hold!

Back on hold at SEARS.

The lady on the line is all sympathetic and she is calling the Segwick company while I'm on hold to see what is what. This is the normal routine. SEARS puts up some smoke and chaff and tries to exit stage left only to find the exit is to the right so when the smoke clears SEARS is still standing there pretending we don't see them.

Still on hold at SEARS.

Had I known that buying from SEARS would have this much misery attached I would have shopped elsewhere. Oh, wait, we did!

We bought our new stove top and vent system at a local company, Morghan and White, Groton City, CT. They came, put it in and left, no muss no fuss.

Off Hold.

Someone from Segwick will call me back because SEARS is still passing the buck. The lady on the phone is nice enough, but nice isn't fixing my rain gutter.

Well, that was 21 minutes on the phone. Not bad. But when you add up the dozens of phone calls with NO results, SEARS is really lacking.

No more shopping at SEARS for us!
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