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Back out on the back deck

Energy can be stored in the strangest of places. No rocket surgeons engineering complex formulas of crafting up some diabolical hyper-complex whatchamacallit doohiky. Just a rock, a branch, the air. I'm sure these things are complicated all to them selves, I mean, go ahead a whip up a rock. Assemble one from the ether, I dare you.

So maybe it is a complicated doohiky. Whatever it is, it's marvelous.

Storing energy, life, throughout the long winter the earth sits up with a gripping, grinning yawn, stretching, growling like a wakened bear, the Earth rises from its nap with an explosion of sound and color.

Peepers out in the wet lands, an owl questioning someone's identity, me out on the back deck, my lap top in my lap, taping away.

It wasn't so long ago that this wireless thing was a marvel to me and now it's nothing fancier then clicking on the radio and listening to tunes.

So much energy, everywhere! I'll did chores all day. Started building a platform bed, took cat to vet, fixed garden hose, loaded dishwasher, emptied dehumidifier, fixed grill, prepared dinner, hired guy to fix driveway, installed child seat, moved a futon, built a shelf in my workshop, set up shade umbrella,

Made tea.

Posted to LJ.

And there's more to do and I want to DO IT!


I'm loving this thing called Spring. That I am.

Time for a nap, m'thinks.
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