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A drop of water.

Such a tiny thing, weighing nothing. Insignificant in scope and structure. Only a drop of water.


A second. Precise, measurable, a moment, a glance, a pause. Seconds are nothing, we waste them staring vapidly at the glowing one eyed god waiting for instructions, entertainment, pissing away our seconds, our precious seconds.

The only time you ever concern yourself with seconds is how long they seem to be when you're on fire.

Suddenly seconds are important.

Drops of water can make up an ocean, seconds make up a life time.

I have been on Live Journal since 2003. My first post was the opening song for the musical, Pippin.

We have magic to do,
just for you,
we have spirits and places to play.
We have parts to perform, hearts to warm,
kings and things to take by storm
as we go along on our way.

We picked up ferrets, and they moved on. We picked up Kitten Rose, Doctor Livingston and Kage, but lost Dr. Jones. We picked up Gen, the VW. Our house grew a back deck, then a hot tub. We gained a back yard.

I lost my god-father, Kagetsunami lost her uncle.

My hair turned grey.

I was knighted. I became a scout leader. I learned how to play D&D again.

I made new friends. When I couldn't afford new ones, I made gently used ones. I lost old ones, then made old friends.

I have been at my current job for seventeen years. Some of my coworkers were infants when I strapped on a gun, pinned a badge to my shirt and took on the rather challenging task of enforcing rules that no one wants enforced.

I thought about that earlier this week as I walked down the hall wondering how many times I had done that. The hall showed no notice of my passing. Much like the stars, they seem not to concern themselves with me either.

But I'm okay with that.

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. said, "Don't let anyone kid you! The reason we were put on this Earth is to fart around."

So, I'm okay with that.

LJ hasn't changed. Maybe that's what I like about it. Like going home to see the parents, sitting in the chair in the kitchen, tucked behind the table and against the wall. You know where things are, what they are, how they are. Oh, and there is a reason to sit tucked behind the table and against the wall. No one is going to ask you to get up and get something.

I am 46 and 3/4 years old.

When I am 56 and 7/8 ths years old, we will have this chat again.

Join me, won't you?
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