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The following has been submitted to our Baronial Newsletter

Greetings on to the populace of our great and wondrous Barony. I am Master Frodo von Halstern, humble servant to the Crown of the East, and Seneschal to the Canton of Dragon's Aerie. Long in passing has word from our beauteous lands been stilled, but when we do make utterances it is of some worth, so please, for a moment, pay heed to our brief missive. After conclave with our members, our thoughts have tuned to regress the Canton of Dragon's Aerie to that of an Area. We have given much thought and have concluded for the good of the Barony and the Kingdom that our course is wise and prudent.

In the beginning years of our Canton we had much activity from our Universities and from the U.S. military. Our presiding town in Groton provided us with a year round indoor practice site and we were over flowing with bounty. Times, ever changing, those access points to members and friends staled and waned. We have, as many other Cantons done in the past, rotated our same officers time and time again leading us to disdainable stagnation with little fruition.

Our Canton, rich in nature, good will and fellowship are but conserved in complexity. Our coffers maintain a mere pittance and yet it takes three knowledgeable and skilled financiers over three months to process our two measly bank notes a year. This is unfair to burden them the incredible amount of unremitting effort to continue doing so.

As an Area, our officers will be free to serve our beloved Barony and Kingdom undistracted, filling important vacancies and alleviating the labors of our friends and colleagues.

To which, we have opened the discussion to the residents of the Canton of Dragon's Aerie, and to the officers of our Barony.

I, Master Frodo, will be the point of contact for all wisdom in this regard. I am best contacted in electronic format at: Lordfrodo@comcast.net.

My phone number is 860-389-2640.

For postal correspondance, I may be reached at
Dexter Herron
49 Mystic Rd.
North Stonington CT. 06359

Pray I beg your forgiveness for enduring my slight prattle, my utmost goal is serve our wonderful dream from which none should ever awake.

Your humble Servant
Master Frodo von Halstern
Samurai Hobbit.
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