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"You were wrong to trust SEARS"

"You were wrong to trust SEARS." The SEARS contracted employee said. "I would have called the cops."

That's what the SEARS representative said. She wanted to know why I didn't get a name. I told her that I did. SEARS. What other name would I need? That SEARS would make it right. She told me I was wrong to trust SEARS.

I guess she would know. She is the SEARS (contracted) claims department. And if a SEARS (contracted) representative knows not to trust SEARS, then I should take that as faith.

So, there you have it. SEARS has told me not to trust SEARS.

Based on everything else, I take her word for it. SEARS is denying my claim because I cannot identify which SEARS truck and which SEARS driver backed up and struck my rain gutter and crushed it.

So, there you have it. I had thought that SEARS would do the right thing. I had thought that I could trust SEARS. I was wrong.

I don't not have anymore time to waste on this fruitless pursuit of SEARS. I know now that SEARS is a despicable corporation not worth any more of my time or money. I have other venues to pursuit.

The BBM investiture is done and I think the last of my SCA events for the year. I am behind in my many chores. The guy is coming to do the roof next week, the deck needs to be water blasted and re-finished, the house needs painting, the rest of the asbestos tiles need to be pulled from the barn and the sides refinished.

And Gen.

The passenger side floor pan is out. I need to lift the body partially off the chassis to get the rest of the support rail out and then new one welded in. Once that's done the entire process must be repeated for the other side. Slow work when I have only 2 hours a week to spare.

Shard's Thugs needs to get published and Knight of Chaos needs to go 100% e-format. I want the price at .99 cents.

And the rug needs vacuuming.

I am done with my promotional test, I hope I passed. With that out of the way I can focus on my work.

So much to do.
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