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What you parents may not know.

Dear Parents who are about to drop off their children with a total stranger;

Please know that your child isn't some number assigned to us, but an individual, wholly unique and wonderful. While you've have all those years to get to know your miracle of life, we have seconds to acquaint ourselves with the darling of your genetic chain so you might want to drop us a quick hint, bring us up to speed with the specific needs of your child. This may surprise you to know that we're not all doctors of child psychology. Truth be told, we're not doctors of anything. Sure, we'll figure out within the first five seconds of talking to your kid that your kid is one of a kind, but sometimes when a child has, oh, say, autism, they may need that extra special care and attention that we're willing to give, if we know about it.

To maximise your kid's fun and experience, before you dump them off on us and vanish in that cloud of dust, you might want to let us know about your child particular quirks. Some don't like spinach, some are afraid of spiders and some don't perceive reality in the same way others do. Don't leave us to figure it out on our own what to do when your child becomes unglued and is running around screaming and has to be restrained before he falls into the camp fire, or don't be surprised when the solution we come up with involves touching and physically corralling your child.

Yes, now-a-days, all children need meds. However; most don't go into melt down if they don't get it by exactly 0700am. If you had advised us of that, we would have made extra care to insure that it was available at exactly that time instead of wondering why your child was climbing the radio tower and swatting at invisible planes.

We will not care for your child one iota less if we know they have any condition that would single them out. We would only care for your child more.

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