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Another sitting on the back deck, contemplating life, posts

Passage. Quite an unusual word. To pass, or the way to pass, such as a hallway. It can even be a blurb from a book.

Time passages.

We move through the corridors of life, our story, a by-line of our lives, a quick snippet of our time in a momentous chain of events.

It is a cool, beautiful Autumn day, snuggling in the warmth of sweaters and flease, soaking up the last rays of sun for the season. A perfect day to take off all my clothes and go for my annual stroll around the outside of my house. The leaves are changing, to wild, vibrant colors.

We have a new cat.

His name is Cisco. I didn't name him. That's the name he came with.

I think he's 8 years old. Ah, donno.

I got rid of my steel desk. I was clinging to it, a brutal hunk of metal, not so much of its usefulness, which it had great potential, but because it was my Dad's. He doesn't want it anymore, but I feel it was some how a part of him.

But it wasn't. It was a desk. Nothing more. He has another desk. A rather nice desk. And it was in my way. It had to go. I didn't want to just scrap it so I took it to our town shed. You leave it there for the next guy. People were already sniffing around it when we dropped it off so I know it will go to a new home and do what inanimate things like to do, be purposeful.

And another bookmark of my life, another passing, like the seasons, like the leaves. Another page, another passage.

I feel a little lighter, less burdened, encumbered. We horde such worthless possessions so desperately that we loose grip on the important tools, important moments.

I think that's why I love backpacking so much. It's my chance to strip it all away and focus on the important things. Things that I must have. Communication. My iPhone is pack full of important stuff. Camera, map, weather guide, recorder. e-Book. I can't go ten feet without a good book in hand and my e-book is a library. Yes, my iphone has a reader, but it isn't a BOOK. I can live with my e-book and save the phone battery for the important stuff, like texting for a rescue.

I have a small aluminum shovel. I have a Gerber Multi-tool. I have a rain jacket.

I have a compass. A compass never needs recharging. Always bring a compass. Even the cheap, tiny ones will do the trick. A compass in the woods is the second best thing. The first, of course, is fire.

I have a new solar charger. Heavy, but a bit of battery re-charge can double your trip.

Tea, meal bars, MRE's and a couple packets of Hot Chocolate. Yes, late at night, nothing better.

My life stripped down to the shorts.

And yet, I'm here on the back deck of my house. It cost 10k to put it here. Just a flat, open space with railings, a chair and table and of course, internet connection. I love it here.

I LOVE it here.

I can't think of a better way to mark the passage of time. I can't always be naked.
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